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Popular Request

Popular Request

By popular request… we take requests!

That’s right, we take requests for both photos and paintings.  We listen to all requests, and the popular requests get produced and placed in the stores in a timely manner.

Your Request

Your personal request may not be a popular one (or you might be the first to request it).  However, your request will be fulfilled faster if you’re willing to pre-order a wall print (or a large number of postcards).

What does that mean?

It means if you are willing to commit, up front, to a $500 purchase, we’ll produce your request for a wall print.  In the case of postcards, we ask for a 1,000 card purchase.

This is contingent on our having the image in our collection already.  If your request requires travel somewhere, we will let you know if that location is in our plans.


Requests in the form of commissions take top priority.  Our policy is you deposit a retainer with our studio.  The cost of the retainer will depend on the nature of the commissioned work.  You are then billed for time, expenses and materials.  If your retainer begins to run low, we will request an additional deposit.  Any balance due will be payable upon delivery of the final work.

copyright 2017 db walton
Growth and Decay

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Palmyra New York

Palmyra New York

Based in Palmyra, New York, I am often asked questions like, “Do you have this picture in stock?”

Except for postcards, we keep very little in stock, and here are the reasons why…

  • It is difficult to predict what images people will want in addition to size.
  • Stock is costly and furthermore would increase the cost.
  • We would need a warehouse to store them!

That is why we use ImageKind.  ImageKind produces product-on-demand.  Through this service you order any available size, select matting, your frame and glazing.

copyright 2016 db walton
Palmyra Temple at Dusk
copyright 2016 db walton
Palmyra Temple with the Sunset Reflecting in the Windows
copyright 2016 db walton
Autumn on Hill Cumorah

Choose Your Paper

When placing orders at FineArtbyDB.com, read about the paper types.

So you don’t have a difficult time finding the descriptions, it is included here:

Art Papers (Matte) Photo Papers (Glossy)
Enhanced Matte ★★★☆☆
Description This bright, white paper is perfect for images that do not require gloss. Enhanced Matte yields highly saturated images, while maintaining excellent highlight and shadow detail.
Thickness Heavyweight Paper – 10 mil (192gsm)
Finish Flat Matte Finish
Lightfast Permanence 76 years under glass and 110 years with UV filter (Wilhelm Imaging Research Institute).
Premium Photo Glossy ★★★☆☆
Description Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper offers the highest gloss level of any Epson resin coated photographic paper. Producing vivid life-like images that rival those of traditional silver halide prints, the ultra glossy finish, coupled with a 10 mil thickness and extremely wide color gamut, make this paper a favorite among discerning photographers.
Thickness Heavyweight Paper – 10 mil (192gsm)
Finish Full Gloss Finish
Lightfast Permanence 85 years under glass and 98 years with UV filter (Wilhelm Imaging Research Institute).
Premium Photo Luster ★★★★☆
Description This popular paper produces vivid, lifelike images that rival those of traditional silver halide prints. Premium Luster Photo Paper delivers highly saturated prints by offering maximum ink coverage and a high D-Max for true photographic reproductions. Its 10-mil RC base gives prints a photographic feel, and keeps the paper cockle-free.
Thickness Heavyweight Stock – 10 mil (260gsm)
Finish Satin Finish
Lightfast Permanence 71 years under glass and 165 years with UV filter (Wilhelm Imaging Research Institute).
UltraSmooth Fine Art ★★★★☆
Description Epson UltraSmooth Fine Art Paper is a 100% cotton hot press paper that is coated on both sides and is not only acid, lignin, and chlorine-free, it is also pH buffered with calcium carbonate for a true archival sheet. This paper is engineered to give you the highest resolution and color saturation possible.
Thickness Heavyweight Stock – 15 mil (250gsm)
Finish Ultra Smooth Matte Finish
Lightfast Permanence 108 years under glass and 175 years with UV filter (Wilhelm Imaging Research Institute).
Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308 ★★★★★
Description A heavy (308 gsm), smooth, bright white, 100% rag-based paper provides the weight of an art paper with a smooth calendared surface, picking up every detail captured in the photograph. Ideal for printing both black and white and color photographs and art reproductions with impressive pictorial depth, the coated side of this paper provides excellent image sharpness and optimum color graduation.
Thickness Heavyweight Stock – 18.9 mil (308gsm)
Finish Ultra-Matte Smooth Finish
Lightfast Permanence Over 100 years (Wilhelm Imaging Research Institute).
Hahnemuhle Fine Art Pearl ★★★★★
Description FineArt Pearl 285gsm is a triple coated, lignin free, 100% alpha-cellulose paper. The result is an age resistant paper with a surface that is remarkably similar to a traditional silver gelatin double-weight photo paper. Hahnemühle FineArt Pearl proved to be significantly superior in D-Max, white point and surface structure. A special coating provides a pearl-finish.
Thickness Heavyweight Stock – 15.8 mil (285gsm)
Finish Ultra-Matte Smooth Finish
Lightfast Permanence Over 100 years (Wilhelm Imaging Research Institute).
Hahnemuhle Torchon ★★★★★
Description Torchon by Hahnemuhle is an environmentally-friendly, 100% TCF and acid free cotton rag watercolor paper with a parchment or pastel paper surface. Especially well-suited for reproductions of oil, watercolor and pastel paintings, the printed side of this paper has been specially coated for excellent image sharpness and optimum color graduation. The term ‘torchon’ is taken from French and means ‘coarse structure.’
Thickness Heavyweight Stock – 19.6 mil (285gsm)
Finish Satin Finish
Lightfast Permanence Over 100 years (Wilhelm Imaging Research Institute).

Huge Sale Act Now

Huge Sale Act Now

We’re having a huge sale act now!  Use the code SHINE35 before 7/15/2016 midnight and receive 35% off!  (Your order must be $100 or more.)

Just think!  35% off might pay for going out to dinner while getting a great Fine Art by DB print for your home.

copyright 2016 db walton - Huge Sale Act Now
Fine Art by DB – Palmyra Temple


Fine art in your home can add warmth.  It gives a home that lived-in feeling.  It makes the home inviting.

Fine art in your business helps clients feel more comfortable and welcome.  Choose a theme and decorate your office with images of that theme.  For example, a doctor’s office might have a theme of waterfalls and brooks.  These tranquil images can help people feel less stressed.


Our products are of the best quality.  From the paper the image is printed on to the glazing over the print and matting, it is all the best.

You will also find for the quality you cannot get a better deal at the big art stores even with their 50% off coupons.  The last framed, matted and glazed print I had done at the M store cost me hundreds of dollars.  Through Fine Art by DB I have ordered the same for about 1/2 the price.  (Still over $100, but not quite the $300+ I spent at the M store.)

Mounted on Your Wall

Mounted on Your Wall

Your wall is the place to display art.  Bare walls look bland and stark.  Well displayed art work on your wall adds warmth and character to a room.

My wife and I were having lunch in a trendy little cafe today.  Looking at the art work on the wall my wife commented on the size of the canvases.  (I’m guessing they were close to 40×50 inch prints.)  Spaced about a foot apart, several of them covered the pale green walls adding color to the room and enhancing the dining experience.

copyright 2016 db walton - Sizing your Pictures
Above the Sofa

The really cool thing about our web site is you can design the finished product.  Pick the prints you want, and then you can pick the frame and matting.  By the time you are done you can have a unique combination designed for decor.


There are many art web sites online that don’t give you a choice.  You order what they have and that’s what you get.  At Fine Art by DB we give you choices.

Here is a good example.  If someone has a more modern decor and wants a gallery wrap print, they might order this…



copyright 2016 db walton - Your Wall
Canvas Wrap Choice


However, someone with a more tradition decor might order this framed in a wood frame and matted with earth tones.

copyright 2016 db walton - Your Wall
Framed, Matted and Glazed Print

We give you your choice.  The cool thing about it is you can see before you order.  The sizes and dimensions are to scale when you design your print.  Simply click on the Customize Framing link (right side) to choose your options.  There is also the popular configuration section if you’re having a hard time deciding.  Either way, the choices are all up to you.

What are you waiting for?

You need a db walton piece in your home.  Place your order today!


Sizing Your Picture

Sizing Your Picture

As an artist, one of the biggest crimes is hanging a picture that is simply too small for the room.  An 8×10 above the sofa can look like a postage stamp. Sizing your picture is crucial for the best decor.

How Big?

How big should it be?

Well, that depends on the room and where you are going to hang it.  But, my rule of thumb is 1/2 (or more) of the width of the viewing area.

Let me give an example…

Suppose you have a space above the fireplace that is framed by book shelves.  Let’s say it is 6′ wide.  Then, your framed print should be at least 3′ wide, and allowing for some space on the edges, probably no more than 5′ wide.

copyright 2016 db walton - Sizing your Pictures
Above the Sofa

Here’s another example…

If your sofa is 80″ wide, your print should be at least 40″ wide.  This allows the print to be seen by people facing the sofa.

Our Services

Our services allow you to size your print.  We offer Petite, Small, Medium, Large, Grande and Massive as our sizes.  You’ll notice these are print specific.  (i.e. One Petite might be 15.5 x 18.5, while another might be 16¾ x 19¾.)  The size is relative to its length and width.  (Note:  Grande and Massive  are often only available as prints due to shipping restrictions.  For those sizes, we recommend a local, custom framer.)

Using our services you can select your print, its size, a frame and mat (up to 3 layers) and the glass over the print.  Here’s a small and large of the same print…

copyright 2016 db walton - sizing your print
copyright 2016 db walton - sizing your print


Ordering is easy.  Look to the right side of the screen once you’ve selected your print.  There you will find all of the paper, framing, matting and glazing options.  The price components are even broken down for you.

For example:

A framed print might cost $326.02.  This breaks down as follows:

Print $92.45
Frame $88.40
Mats $72.00
Glazing $43.73
Fitting $29.45

What are you waiting for?

Order a print today!




copyright 2016 db walton

Nature Sale

Nature Sale

What’s not to love about a nature sale.  You ask, “What’s a nature sale?”  Well, in our case, any pictures of nature.

copyright 2016 db walton
Nature Sale Going on NOW

And, since most of my photographs and paintings deal with Mother Nature in one form or another, use the code NATURE25 and save 25% off print from www.FineArtbyDB.com.

How to Order

When you go to our store, mouse over the various categories in our main menu to see sub categories.  Select the category or subcategory you want to visit.  (Note:  There are images in the main category as well as the sub categories.)

Once in a gallery, it will look something like this…

Nature Sale - copyright 2016 db walton
Nature Gallery

The pictures that appear on the left are clickable links to the store page.  Scroll down looking at the various thumbnails, and then when you see one you like, click on it.  It will take you to a page that looks something like this…

copyright 2016 db walton - Nature Sale
Print Customization Page


Notice above that I circled a section in red.  This is where you can customize your print!  That’s right.  As you can see, that print as displayed is about 30×40 inches.  That might be too large for your needs.  So, you can click on a different size.

Don’t like the frame?

Click on a different frame.

Don’t like the color of the matting?

Click on a different color of matting.  You can add up to three mats!

Finally, choose a glass/acrylic to cover your print.  I recommend the non-glare.  It cost a bit more, but looks so much nicer.


Reminder:  The code to use is NATURE25.  This is good until midnight (Eastern Time – NYC) May 27th, 2016.


Save May 19th

Save May 19th

Save May 19th, 2016, by using code SHOPIK10.  Using SHOPIK10 you’ll save 10% off your entire order.  Anytime we can offer a discount, we will.

We have been busy updating some of our images.  Some of our older images have printed borders around them.  Since you can mat your print, we’ve decided to update these with images that have no borders.  That way, the only thing surrounding your print will be the mats you select.


Yes, it is nice to be able to save May 19th, but it is also nice that we’ve removed those printed borders.  We’re not done removing them, but over the next few days we should complete the changes.

copyright 2016 db walton - Save May 19th
Sample with a Printed Border

The above is an example with a printed border.  That gray border with the black line between it and the image is part of the print.  This is what we are doing away with.

Now, here is the same image done with matting…

copyright 2016 db walton - Save May 19th
Sample with a double-matting and framed

Notice how much nicer the 2nd version is.  That is why we’re making these changes.

What If…

What if you come across one that hasn’t been converted?

That’s easy, just copy the URL and e-mail it to brent@dbwalton.com.   We will convert the file as quickly as possible and notify you when it is ready so you can order it.

May 17th Sale

May 17th Sale

Tonight until midnight (May 17th Sale) you can save 40% off any order at FineArtbyDB.com.  At checkout use the code BOLD40 .  That’s right, 40% off everything in our galleries until midnight 5/17/2016 (Eastern Daylight Savings Time).

copyright 2016 db walton - Sale May 17th
Ghost Town

Here’s how it works…

From the above menu select the category of art.  In this case, I selected Travel->Americana.

I then clicked on the sample image of the old car.  (Shown above with the artist’s recommended framing and matting.)  There I was able to customize it to change the frame to go with my decor.  I even chose a darker mat.

copyright 2016 db walton - May 17th Sale
With a Different Frame and Mat

I added it to my cart and proceeded with the checkout process.  When it got to the payment section, I added the code BOLD40 and I saved about $150 off my custom order!


The last time I went to that huge chain store with a 50% off a custom framing job, it cost me more than that just for the frame and mat!    This includes that Fine Art by DB print.

When it Arrives

When it arrives your print will be neatly packaged.  As you unpack it, you’ll see it has everything you need to hang it on your wall.  No twisting wires or anything like that.  The hanging hardware is already attached to the picture.  You just hang it on the wall once your hook is in place.